Looking back over 2022, it’s been quite the year. Verantos was invited to present and moderate panels on high-validity RWE at all the leading industry conferences, including DIA, ISPOR, BIO, and AMIA. We launched the Verantos Evidence Platform, continued our work for the FDA demonstration project (TRUST), announced breakthroughs in high-validity RWE in NASH and migraine, and were named to the 2022 Inc 5000.

Heading into the holiday season, Verantos remains active. Lundbeck and Verantos published a manuscript on migraine, defining techniques to enable high-validity observational research and pragmatic registries. DIA featured Verantos in its November issue of Global Forum, sharing our perspective on how high-validity real-world evidence will ensure future patients receive optimized and tailored treatment.

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Lundbeck and Verantos publish manuscript on an AI-based approach to understand migraine outcomes from routinely collected data

Study findings discuss the feasibility of developing artificial intelligence models for determination of soft outcomes such as migraine severity using the data elements typically captured in the real-world clinical setting. These models provide a scalable approach to high-validity migraine observational research and pragmatic registries.

Strength in Numbers: Distilling RWE into clinical practice

As part of DIA’s Global Forum November issue, Verantos sat down with DIA to discuss the need for improved real-world evidence, how Verantos is enabling high-validity real-world evidence at scale, and what that means for regulators, payers, prescribers, and patients.


Highlights from 2022

FDA highlights Verantos in NIH Pragmatic Trials Collaboratory webinar

Verantos’ TRUST demonstration project with Amgen is highlighted at 15:40, and a Forbes article authored by Verantos is quoted at 20:17.

Verantos announces breakthrough in NASH real-world evidence

Verantos announced a significant step forward in applying advanced real-world evidence approaches to NASH.

Pharmaceutical Executive
Verantos provides RWE leadership in CEO roundtable

Verantos joined eight other life sciences executives to discuss the ongoing advancement of RWD and RWE as critical for industry.

Healthcare IT Today
Healthcare AI Bias: Reasons and Resolutions

Verantos President Anand Shroff shared sources of bias in artificial intelligence and some of the ways Verantos works to minimize its impact on RWE generation.

Verantos launches platform for high-validity real-world evidence

Verantos announced the launch of the Verantos Evidence Platform, which provides life sciences organizations with the ability to generate RWE that meets the highest evidentiary standards.

Inc 5000
Inc 5000 ranks Verantos #224 for 2022

Verantos ranked in the top 4% fastest growing, privately held companies in America. The ranking recognizes Verantos’ strong growth over recent years and is a testament to the growing life science demand for high-validity RWE.


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