Verantos launches Pragmatic Registry to support high-validity real-world evidence generation

Pragmatic Registry meets the highest standards in accuracy, completeness, and traceability

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Verantos, the global leader in high-validity real-world evidence at scale, today announced the launch of its Pragmatic Registry product, built on the Verantos Evidence Platform. Pragmatic Registries are condition-specific registries generated using high-validity methods from routinely collected real-world data.

Pragmatic Registry contains high-quality real-world data curated from a variety of sources, including health systems, claims, and mortality registries. It provides a robust view of the patient journey, including disease severity, treatments, symptom control, resource utilization, and clinical outcome variables.

Because the data contained within Pragmatic Registry are accurate, complete, and traceable, Pragmatic Registry can be used to generate high-validity real-world evidence (RWE). High-validity RWE has greater credibility with regulators, payers, and providers, and is fit to inform enhancement of the standard of care, benefiting patients.

Optimized variables within the registry have accuracy exceeding 80%, far higher than the industry average of 50%. The total library of variables available, based on linkage of electronic health record (EHR) narrative data, EHR structured data, pharmacy claims, medical claims, and death registry, is at least five times higher than comparable data sets. A large majority of variables are traceable to their source, substantially higher than zero traceability using traditional approaches.

Compared to traditional patient registries, pragmatic registries offer flexibility, scalability, and data on healthcare resource utilization. Variables include symptoms, comorbidities, and biomarkers that are not available from structured data sources. Newly added variables are immediately available. Patient identities are tokenized and de-identified, reducing administrative burden.

“Pragmatic Registry is a quicker, more efficient means of acquiring high-quality, disease-specific information in a scalable manner,” said Anand Shroff, President of Verantos. “The data sets available through pragmatic registries can be used to generate high-validity RWE, which is necessary for clinical development, commercial, and regulatory use cases.”

Pragmatic registries covering cardiovascular, immunology and inflammation, neuroscience, and respiratory therapeutic areas are available today.

About Verantos

Verantos is the global leader in high-validity real-world evidence for life sciences organizations. By incorporating robust clinical narrative data and artificial intelligence technology, Verantos is the first company to generate high-validity evidence at scale across therapeutic areas with measured accuracy, completeness, and traceability. Credible evidence accelerates clinical development, market access, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, and regulatory initiatives.

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